When you choose Microsoft Dynamics GP for your small or medium-sized business, you put enterprise-grade information management tools in the hands of your team. If you have been using spreadsheets to manage your business, you can continue using a system that is familiar and yet expands greatly on the capabilities of simple tables.

Get The Enterprise Treatment Dynamics GP

Enterprise Resource Planning applications have come a long way in the last few years. If you assumed ERP is for the largest multinational companies, you are in for a surprise. Small and medium-size businesses can now have excellent ERP software too.

Thanks to MS Dynamics GP, you can track your assets in real-time with financial controls, operations oversight, and inventory management tools. ERP software from Microsoft is easy to set up, and it grows as fast as your ambition.

Flexible And Scalable ERP For Growth

Whether your industry is hospitality, healthcare, distribution, or entertainment, MS Dynamics GP is much more than accounting software for small businesses. This ERP platform starts with the essentials and expands as your business grows; it is a customizable and flexible solution that responds effortlessly as your demands increase.

The Dynamics solution brings an array of useful data analytics tools:

Financial management tools

Analytics and reports to show how your business resources flow while maintaining security.

Accounting tools

Track and control your budgets, cash, and assets.

Sales and service

Manage your sales, service contracts, and field resources with visual analytics. You can connect you with customers and vendors to track inventory and production as you process orders end-to-end.

Marketing and Business Intelligence

Real-time reporting to track performance and insights to discover hidden opportunities

Human resources and payroll

When you take care of your people, your business will run better.

Get set up and started fast with these additional tools and more to oversee all of your operations.

Dynamic Methods is your ERP Partner

Dynamic Methods provides ERP integration for small and medium size businesses in demanding industries. Whether your best fit is cloud-based ERP or on site, our expertise as consultants empowers you to migrate to the right solution and unleash the potential that lies dormant within your company data.

Join the hundreds of clients who benefit from our Gold Certified Microsoft partner with many years of aggregate consulting experience. MS Dynamics GP is just one great ERP solution; contact Dynamic Methods to learn if the cloud-based solution is the right one for you.