Dynamics Methodology

Stage 1 – Systems Requirements Definition (SRD)

When Dynamic Methods engages in a paid engagement for an SRD, essentially we are separating the modeling portion of your project upfront.

Dynamic Methods specializes in analyzing business processes, we will also help make recommendations on best practices and ask the hard questions of how you run your business.

With our consultants, we will collaborate this entire engagement with the valued person in your company to make the best decisions on design, best practices, re-design, business processes and efficiencies that support your needs.

As a result of this engagement, the customer will have to approve all of the output that results from this modeling (SRD) process.

Dynamic Methods in conjunction with modeling (SRD), will document all of the modelings in both a technical and architectural format so that the customer now has a precise plan of how and what will be needed for implementation. Dynamic Methods can accurately quantify the cost of the implementation through the SRD process with the customer approving the implementation plan before we begin.

Most importantly, the customer now has an asset of intellectual property that they can source to any vendor for their solution.

Stage 2 – Statement of Work (SOW)

The System Requirements Definition (SRD) has been approved by the customer. The customer now can see the entire implementation plan in a form of a statement of work. With collaboration, we can now specify whether Dynamic Methods recommends a phased approach or a full project, we can definitely allocate specific costs to specific tasks, making the customer feel very confident of how they will invest their money.

Throughout the SOW process, we will ensure that the project is managed on a weekly basis with our Project Status reports and meetings that are conducted by our Project Managers on the account.

Dynamic Methods will provide the resources that are fully certified to build out and validate the solution throughout the process.

Most importantly, Dynamic Methods consultants are full-time employees with tenure ranging from 3-10 years with the company. All consultants are Microsoft Certified.

Once the Project is close to completion, Dynamic Methods does offer ongoing support. Our support is available internally from Monday through Friday 8-5pm PST. Typically, we provide support contracts to help each of our clients moving forward. Support is also available from Microsoft directly.