Building an ERP Case Study for your company

When the time comes for your firm to upgrade your ERP (Accounting)  software, ultimately you will need to answer the following three questions:

ERP Case Study

Our professional and experienced business development team will help you answer these questions by building an “ERP Case Study for (insert your company name here)”.  The case study is done before you purchase any software or make a selection of which partner to use.  Along with your team, we gather imperative details of your company and align your requirements with the costs and associated benefits of improving each process.  The end result is exactly what your executive team needs to make an informed business decision on when and whether to implement a new ERP solution.

The elements of the case study can include:

  • Intro
  • Business Summary
  • Corporate Structure
  • Current Business Process Diagrams
  • Requirements and Objectives Grid
  • Company Resource Chart
  • Proposed ERP Solution Diagram
  • Software and Implementation Quote
  • Proposed Project Plan
  • Return On Investment and Pay-Back Analysis

Here is a 8-page sample of one we did recently for a company:


Page 1 – Intro

(This page lists the contents of the Case Study and its purpose)


Page 2 – Business Overview

(This page display’s visually the corporate structure and financial reporting requirements)


Page 3 – Current Business Process Diagram

(This page display’s visually the current business ERP processes)


Page 4 – Project Objectives

(This page lists in detail the main objectives and pain points the business is experiencing now along with proposed solutions for each)


Page 5 – Solution Diagram

(This page visually displays the proposed solution)


Page 6 – Resource Chart

(this page display’s visually the company’s human resources)


Page 7 – Pricing

(This page is a quote of both software and services for the implementation)


Page 8 – Payback Analysis

(this chart shows the ROI and point at which the new solution pays for itself)