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Are you outgrowing QuickBooks?

The Top 5 reasons companies are moving off QuickBooks to

1. Consolidation

  • How many hours do you spend preparing consolidated financials each month?
  • Are you manually allocating expenses across multiple entities?


2. Integration

  • How much time does your staff spend re-keying data into 2 systems?
  • Is your information real time?


3. Scalability

  • How fast are your reports?
  • Do you have more than one instance of QuickBooks running?


4. Customization

  • How many Excel spreadsheets are floating around your office that store critical business data because there is nowhere to store it in QuickBooks?
  • Because of QuickBooks’ inability to create workflow rules, how many hours are wasted in your firm because of someone’s failure to follow a process?


5. Security

  • Do you need to restrict access to certain users?
  • With aspirations of going public or being acquired by a public company, do you have controls in place that satisfy SOX requirements?