Business Solutions: How to Evaluate CRM

Choosing the Right Technology and the Right Partner

CRM is not just software. It is more than technology. It is about achieving desired business outcomes. To be successful with CRM a company needs to address several critical factors: process, people, methods and practices, and technology.


What are your company’s business issues, pain points, reasons for considering CRM technology?

Needs Assessment

What are the specific requirements and functionality your company is looking for/needing a solution?

Review Solutions/Demonstrations

See the “proof” that your partner or solution provider understands the company needs and requirements for the solution.

Finalize Objectives and Scope of Work

Decide on the approach and phases to your company’s implementation and adoption of CRM technology.

Dynamic Methods can help your company through each of these steps. We have deployed CRM for over 50 companies in California and across the US.